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About me and what i do ? References from clients.

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Who am i ? Human in a journey of life, like you ? Personal advisor in the magic art of Tarot and Jyotisha astrology counselling, freelancer, traveller, Reiki Teacher, writer, salesperson, migrant. In the esoteric field and marketing for 15 yrs. Long time veggie, into hatha yoga, meditation and physical exercising. Researcher of all things hidden below the so called ”fabric of obvious reality”… .

Born in 1971, in Poland…studied Political Sciences and licked some journalism, then changed my direction : turned East and found it`s vast, ancient and illuminating knowledge ( Vedic culture ). Doing meditation and yoga. Spent one year in England as migrant. And 6,5 yrs in southern France.

What i do ? My fields of activity :

Karmic diagnosis based on Vedic astrology, REIKI treatments and attunements, Jyotisha astrology counselling, psychic distant clearing, Tarot readings plus Tarot based coaching, and more…

REIKI and Jyotish astrology : i was initiated for Reiki master teacher in 1998, in Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho line. Done more than 20 attunements so far. Around that year, i also started to dive my mind into the ancient Jyotisha astrology wisdom. First autodidact, gathering books and knowledge on subject during years of research, learning from correspondence with other Jyotishi astrologers, then took a course from Dutch Jyotisha’s Dirah Academy.

What is the difference between traditional Western astrology and Vedic (Jyotisha ) ? : pls have a look at this short YT video.

Doing also healing therapy session, Reiki attunements, psychic energy clearing, distant Reiki healings. What is psychic clearing ? It might be called psychotronics ( which is distant influencing), in this case means : healing and sending powerful clearing, healing intention directed to the person asking for treatment.

Prices from 12€/10 £ for basic Tarot reading, up to 30€, depends on your needs and tailor suit. Jyotisha horoscope consultation is 35€ -60€, one energy clearing session : 30€/28£. Bank transfer or Paypal. So get in touch immediately if you desire to know more… why wait ?!?

We all grow in life, trying to make conscious choices, so if you decide to try one of this techniques, why not get a chance with my esoteric cunseling ? The fact you`re reading this words now may mean that there`s something in your life that you don`t understand, some mystical, magical experiences ,which are coming from underneath of your subcousciousness and you`ll like to learn more…

Are you sceptical about Reiki technique, Tarot session or Jyotisha astrology counselling ? This is natural, if You`re not very enthusiastic about it, right ? Because, if you’ve never tried before these amazing tools for personal growth, you should be…Not accepting things in a reckless way is a symptom of intelligence. So feel free to ask and look for thougthful explanations.

I am suspicious and critical about unrealistic trends in *personal development business*, which leaders often promise almost everything to ”believers”, pies-in-the-skies formulas, claiming that one can change virtually EVERYTHING in life and gain anything, and that Universe is like machine, supermarket shelf to fulfill our desires... These naive views of ”dream sellers” are made for these who allowed to be cheated. Some piece of the puzzle is really missing , it is not enough just to copy what the succesful ones are doing.Why He/She made it, and you, still, not… huh ? And there`s more to live than just getting abundance.

Let`s get it clear : far from discouraging you, take responsibility and perform actions for deep changes in your life, but we must GET REAL : there`s some karma from the past ('Sanchita' ), which is changeable and there`s some fixed which is…only acceptable ? ( 'Prarabdha karma' in sanskrit ) So if these knowledge about " Secret", neurosales, influencing etc isn`t combined with higher, metaphysical perspective, what is final gain ? Previous incarnations are affecting us, as long as we`re not Enlightened. Only self-realised soul is above karma, is not creating new karmic fruits and is unbounded. This is very important factor, which cannot be neglected in the *bigger picture*…

If you need advice in these troubled times, look no further :

Do not hesitate to contact me immediately , because there`s so much more out there than meets the eye… your questions ?

Rayeste, Skype : mw.bielawski Phone ES : +34695097988 FR +33615720918

Testimonials, REFERENCES :

Mr Andrew Binias, personal trainer, London : “Reading made by M.Bielawski gave me insight into the situation and showed things that are not readily apparent, but are important when it comes to relationships. We cannot know everything, but the broader picture that gives us Jyotish astrology reading is extremely helpful when making important decisions in life … An image that drew Maciek changed my whole vision ! Jyotish is a great science, and it is worth to have help from someone who is honest and got sober approach, as Mr. Maciek.”

Thank you with all my heart Mr. Maciek for any additional tips, hints, links to listen. I can only nod to everything you said about me and wrote on the basis of horoscope ! I agree with shaman and writer Ogorevc, well interpreted Jyotish can be a great tool in human development : And you’ve got talent for its interpretation… This is BIG support for me, and confirmation that i am moving into right direction ! Once again thank you and all the best for you and your relatives. Namaste”, Ursula in England

Thanx to Maciek’s work i get to know more about myself, and my weaker side… Also understood my strenghts, which i should develop. I managed to find reason for my *being-lost state* and because of this started to concentrate on things which are the most important for me. Thank you Maciek ! And good luck.” Xenia, student

For some time I try to explore and discover myself” touching “various kinds of opportunities which brings me to my interior … and so in this way occurred, recommended by a friend, introduced to Slovenian shaman Marjan Ogorevc book” Self-healing through karmic diagnosis” in which i found the the information about important matter of Jyotish horoscope. By searching on the web for more information on this subject, I happened to find this a page of Mr. Bielawski and somehow I felt intuitively that I’m on the RIGHT track … and made no mistake, because after only a few mails i found out – a lot – about myself and my hidden potential , as well as about the karmic impact on my current life situation that took place in earlier years and in previous incarnations.

Very interesting, and at the same time so much inner introspection requiring data… real profound analysys needed to realize the higher, deeper awareness of myself, i often need to reach this sleeping interior of mine….I received a large dose of information on the discovery of these fascinating, dormant aspects of my psyche and extracting them outside to the “light side of Power” ! And although I know that still a lot of work ahead of me, big thanks to Mr. Maciek for so valuable information and wise guidance : finally I know how to help myself to achieve the intended goals in these matters. We would highly recommend Him ! Best regards,” Lucy from Ireland.

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